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Our Technology

Current Endoscopic Tools


Steerable Tools


EndoTheia’s proprietary technology adds steerability to current tools. Reach what you can see and improve outcomes!

Current endoscopic tools have no distal dexterity. This greatly limits distal access, maneuverability, and therapeutic efficacy.

Tool Reach

Tool Reach

Thinner Walls = Smaller Spaces, Smaller Tools

By doing away with pullwires and discrete linkages, we can create steerable tools with thinner walls and smaller diameters than ever before. It is this capability that allows us to create dexterous instruments all the way down to 2F in diameter, with an open lumen allowing for the passage of adjunct tools, fluid flow, suction/irrigation, and even lights and cameras!

Retroflexion... And Then Some

Coupling our steerable tips with proprietary insertion shaft technology enables distal dexterity at the most demanding of curvatures and deflection angles, with high torsional trackability, axial stiffness, and bidirectional steerability.

Therapeutic Endoscopy Re-imagined

Compatibility with legacy scopes and endoscopic hardware enables new possibilities for endoscopic therapy. EndoTheia technology enhances both robotic and manual flexible endoscopy by providing dexterous tools to supplement existing endoscopic armaments without disrupting the operating room workflow, as shown in the robotic Endoscopic Submusocal Dissection (ESD) experiments on the right.

To Learn More About Our Next-Generation Endoscope Technology

At EndoTheia, we aim to harness the power of intelligently micro-machined smart materials to create highly dexterous manipulators at millimeter and sub-millimeter scales to improve therapeutic outcomes in complex flexible endoscopic procedures. The devices we are creating serve as adjuncts to standard, widely-used, and commercially-available endoscopic tools to augment performance and improve quality of care with minimal workflow disruption. 

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