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Our Technology

Using novel micromanufacturing techniques, we aim to create dexterous steerable devices with smaller diameters and thinner walls than ever before.

Flexible, Dexterous Devices at Millimeter Scales

At EndoTheia, we aim to harness the power of intelligently micro-machined smart materials to create highly dexterous manipulators at millimeter and sub-millimeter scales to improve therapeutic outcomes in complex flexible endoscopic procedures. The devices we are creating serve as adjuncts to standard, widely-used, and commercially-available endoscopic tools to augment performance and improve quality of care with minimal workflow disruption. 

New Possibilities for Flexible Endoscopic Systems

Using our proprietary sheath technology to deliver therapeutic tools, cameras, fluids, drugs, and even other sheaths opens the door for new paradigms in flexible endoscopic and robotic surgery at unprecedented mm-scales.

Separate Tool Motion from Flexible Endoscope Motion

Legacy approaches to flexible endoscopy require the operator to move the entire endoscope just to move a tool. Our technology removes this limitation and enables independent tool motion for greater therapeutic outcomes.

New Frontiers in Surgical Access and Visualization

Coupling our innovative steerable technology with the latest advances in CMOS digital imaging and illumination to realize flexible, steerable digital visualization capabilities that can access the most challenging anatomy.


To Learn More About Our Next-Generation Endoscope Technology

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